Employment Gates Opens in Ereğli

UZSAN Livestock Agricultural Products Ltd. It is. Halil Ercan, partner, said that the protocol would be beneficial by saying that they are aiming to continue investments in Ereğli and contribute to the development of the country and export to Azerbaijan, Romania and Greece.

The other partner of the company Salim Uz is 13 thousand m2. That the construction will be built on the site in one month and that in the first place about 40 people will be employed.

Uz and Ercan, Mayor Özkan Özgüven, as well as Deputy Mayor Adem Erdal and the OSB delegation were thanked.

President Özgüven said that they are working for the closure of employment in Ereğli. "I would like to thank UZSAN Hayvancılık Tarım Aletleri Ltd. Şti for providing added value to our Ereğli and my country with exports not only in Turkey but also abroad. We continue to work to reduce this issue of employment to the minimum level with solution-focused work. "Be good to our Ereğli and our company," he said.