Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Konya Plain and Eastern Black Sea Projects in the provinces of animal husbandry investments in support of the publication of the principles of implementation published.

In 2015-2018, the procedures and principles regarding support of livestock investments in the provinces of Eastern Anatolia, Southeastern Anatolia, Konya Plain and Eastern Black Sea Projects were determined.

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Investment issues, grant rates and implementation charts

Within the scope of this Communiqué, grant support for breeding cattle and sheep-goat farm investments is applied to the following issues and rates:

A) For the construction investment in the project, grant support of 50% of the realization amount is applied within the upper limit determined by the central project evaluation committee of the investment and this support includes barn-house modification or new, closed, semi-open and open system of barn and poultry.

B) Grant support for 80% of the amount of animal purchase shall be applied within the upper limit determined by the central project evaluation committee for the project investment of breeding male livestock, and this subsidy includes purchase of stud bull, breeder coach.

C) Investments in construction investment and breeding coach purchasing are applied in the areas covered by the Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP), South Eastern Anatolia Project (GAP), Konya Ovasi Project (KOP) and Eastern Black Sea Project (DOKAP).

Ç) The investment of stud bull acquisition is implemented in the Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP), the South Eastern Anatolia Project (GAP) and the Eastern Black Sea Project (DOKAP).

Investment time

From the grant support to be applied within the scope of this Communiqué, the projects approved by the project and whose investments are completed within the period specified in the project will benefit. Construction works and breeding bulls, coaches and monopolies must be purchased and put into operation in one year from the date the application is approved and notified to the investor. In case the investment can not be completed within the determined period, additional time may be granted to the investor for a total of 6 (six) months in accordance with the opinion of the provincial project evaluation commission.

The project of the investor who does not fulfill the obligations or gives up the investment according to the termination plan is canceled and these investors can not benefit from the grant support.

Benefit from support

Grant support under the scope of this Communiqué; The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and to the Ministry of Agriculture, Legal entities benefit.

However, the Ministry may amend these terms, taking into account regional
General principles about investment subjects

Within the framework of the principles within the scope of this Communiqué, the applicant is approved and a payment is made to the investors for new construction, renovation, purchase of stud bull and purchase of breeder coach.

The investor shall be made to benefit once every grant grant application.

The upper limit of the investment amount is determined by the central project evaluation committee considering the budget possibilities at the beginning of each year and it is notified to the provincial directorates by the General Directorate. The central project appraisal commission may change the upper limit that it deems necessary within the same year. The decision of amendment shall be communicated to the provincial directorates in the same manner.

The portion of the approved investment project amount exceeding the determined upper limit shall be covered by the investor as a contribution in kind.

Each investor can benefit from grant support only once or separately for construction and livestock investment issues. The investor who benefits from the project as a company partner can not benefit from the investment in the same subject even if the company is separated from the partnership.

Investors can benefit from credit and tax incentives.

General principles to be applied on construction investments are:

A) The investor is obliged to obtain any permission from the competent authorities regarding the structures and facilities to be carried out in accordance with the project and comply with the provisions of the applicable legislation. If the process of obtaining construction permit and building use license takes longer than specified in the terminus, investors who are in charge of obtaining a positive opinion and an undertaking from the investors from the relevant units are excluded from this article.

B) The new stables will be closed or semi open system in DAP and DOKAP regions, open or semi open system in GAP and KOP regions. In the ages, the provincial directorates are authorized to choose the pile type.

C) construction expenditure items; Construction of new barn / poultry, fertilizer pit and equipment suitable for the capacity, feed storage, silage pit, milking room, cooling system room and sheep washing unit, or any and / or substantial repair constructions.

Ç) Administrative buildings, carer's house, guardian's club, calf club, simple repair, land correction and environmental structures are not considered within the scope of support.

D) In the payment of the grant support for the construction investments, cost statements prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on the basis of the pose numbers are used from the "Construction and Installation Analysis and Unit Prices" published in the year the project is approved by the central project evaluation commission.

(8) General guidelines for stud bulls and coaches and monopolies are:

A) For the investment of breeding male livestock, the cattle businesses shall benefit from the grant support for the purchase of 1 (one) bull breeding bull, and the sheep breeding enterprises for the breeding ram-cow purchase amount not exceeding 5% of the number of existing sheep-goats.

B) Breeder bulls and coaches and monopolies carry the technical and health conditions specified by the Ministry. Supported breeding bull and ram-breed races are designated by the Ministry.

C) Breeders are provided from the Ministry, the TİGEM or the enterprises free of disease. TİGEM will provide breed bulls, coaches and monopolies for the projects benefiting from the project either from their own breeding or from domestic and abroad.

Ç) Breeding coaches and monopolies are provided individually by the TİGEM and / or publicly funded breeding projects or through the Breeding Sheep Goat Breeders Association, to which investors are affiliated.

D) If the amount to be issued in the invoice, the producer's receipt or the equivalent purchase certificate is more than the prices determined by the Ministry, the excess part shall be covered by the investor.

E) The selection of the male material to be procured under the grant shall be made in accordance with the technical and health conditions determined by the Ministry in the election committee composed of an agricultural engineer (zooteknist) and a veterinarian appointed to the provincial directorate.

F) Investor's undertaking shall be taken that the breeding male material purchased within the scope of the grant will not be sold for a period of two years and that the operator will be active for 3 years in the case of barn / The undertaking is signed between the provincial directorate and the investor.

G) Excluding purchases and sales between parents and children, spouses and siblings.

Ğ) Unit prices to support the purchase of stud bulls and coaches are determined annually by the Ministry. The Ministry may change the figures determined during the year if needed.

(9) The investor is responsible for the problems that may occur until the completion of the investment.

Application location, time and documents to be requested

Procedures and principles to be applied in the applications of those who want to invest within the scope of this Communiqué are as follows:

A) Investors who want to invest in construction, to the provincial directorate where they will invest; Investors who wish to benefit from the support of the stud bull and coach-buyer grant, apply to the provincial / district directorates, and investors who want to make both investments apply to the provincial directorate.

B) Applications are taken every January - February - March. The General Directorate may extend or shorten the application period with the decision of the central project evaluation commission and approval of the Minister, or may call for re-application within the year.

(2) Applicants are valid for the year, and if they can not get a deposit, they must apply again for the following years.

(3) A commitment is signed between the investor and the provincial directorate that the investor does not benefit from the interest reduction or grant support programs applied by the Ministry or other public institutions and organizations on the same investment, and that the grant support under the Decision is canceled.

(4) Documents to be requested in construction investments and breeding bull and coach purchase applications shall be determined by the Ministry every year and published with implementation guide.

Investigation and evaluation of investment applications

The investor applies separately or together for investment in construction and animal purchase.

The applications are reviewed by the provincial project management unit and sent to the provincial project evaluation commission as a report. Applicants who are examined by the provincial project evaluation committee are listed according to the criteria to be published in the application guide based on the point ranking and sent to the provincial directorate for submission to the General Directorate.

Applicants who have been examined according to technical requirements by the Provincial Directorate and refused on the condition that the investment is approved or justified are listed as applications for construction, breeding bull and breeder coach-tike purchase according to investment subjects on the basis of arrival order and sent to the General Directorate.

The central project evaluation commission examines the reports and lists sent by the provincial directorates according to the budgetary possibilities on the basis of their budget possibilities and lists the approved projects as principal and reserve and sends them to the related provincial directorate.

The provincial directorate informs the investors in the original lists coming from the General Directorate that the construction investment project will be prepared and presented to the investors according to the basic criteria included in the application guide and that the stud bull and coach purchases will be carried out within one year.

Preparation of application for application for the right to support and preparation of the right to attend documents

The investor petition the provincial directorate for the completed investments.

The entitlements are prepared by examining in place the provincial project execution unit.

In the approved construction projects, when the project is completed; In the case of approved animal purchase applicants, the entitlement is arranged after the animal purchase has taken place and the animal has been brought into operation.

It is necessary for an animal engineer (zootechnist) and a veterinarian to take the report after the detection to be carried out in the enterprise in order to be regulated for animal purchases.

It is compulsory to have the signatures of at least one technical person (engineer / technician) who is the subject specialist in the construction entitlement and the summaries of the exposures based on the pose numbers from the Construction and Installation Analysis and Unit Prices published by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The investor can not transfer the grant to someone else. However, in cases where pet purchases are received by the Ministry or TİGEM, the amount to be donated to the investor shall be transferred to the TİGEM or the contractor on behalf of the investor.

Arrangement of right-of-way exercises and main work on payment of support

Arrangement and subsidy payments for breeding entitlements shall be made on the basis of the breeding prices determined by the central project evaluation committee and announced by the General Directorate on the date when the breeding animal is delivered and the construction is completed.

Provincial project execution units prepared according to the criteria in the implementation guide criteria, the provincial project evaluation commission is presented for approval.

The payment order sheet included in the application guide for the eligible entitlements to be paid by the provincial project evaluation committee is arranged and approved and sent to the General Directorate.

Provided that the budget amount for the project is not exceeded, incoming icmals are evaluated by the General Directorate and sent to the bank for payment to the investor. Animal purchase The amount of the grant to be paid to the investor financed by the Ministry or TİGEM is sent to the bank to be paid to the contractor or TİGEM on behalf of the investor.

The proceeds to be paid to the investor after the completion of the project can not be transferred to the third party by the investor and can not be transferred.

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