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Free Stalls / Feeding Rest for Cattle Cow


Dimensions: 180 cm (length) x 120 cm (height)
Diameters: 60 mm for bedding, 48 mm for neck


Material: Galvanized Iron

adet 285,00 TL
Yataklık Sistemleri


  • Material: Hot dipped Galvanized
  • Dimensions: 180x120 cm
  • Pipe Diameters: Bedding: 60mm Neck: 48mm
  • Pipe thickness: 3mm

The most successful method in cattle breeding today is the Uzsan bedding system. The bedding area of the raised animals is rather important; because the cows which are gradually growing require to be observed continuously.

The maximum play of each animal is provided in its own accommodation both lying down and standing with the Uzsan bedding system. As the animals use the area allotted to them, they aspirate comfortably and their blood circulation gets easier. This means more meat and milk production.

The only solution for your problems such as metritis, garget is Uzsan Bedding system in terms of animal health. The Uzsan bedding system is completely demounted and made of a strength increasing connecting piece and is easily assembled specifically to your site.

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