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Calf Hutch


This product has been designed to keep your calfs in a healthy and comfortable environment. You can feed the calves with automatic feeder.

Material: Polyethylene
Fence Dimensions: 120x120x160cm
Hutch Dimensions: 160x120x130cm
Bottle: Yes
Feeder: Yes

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  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 120 X 120 X 160 Cm
  • Fence Dimension: 90 X 120 X 120 Cm
  • Feeder: Yes
  • Feedbox: Yes
  • Waterer: Yes
  • The calf hutch is put on a plain surface and placed as the back to face towards the North.
  • It is recommended that the site where the hutch is setup is to be soil and lay out straw in it.
  • The calves must be cared in the calf hutch for about 60-70 days.
  • The hutches must be placed at least 25 30 cm further to each other.

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