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Headlocks for Cattle Cow Dairy Farms


Headlocks provides equal feeding space for each animal and allows farmer to use feed more economically.

Type: Cattle headlocks with individual locking
Material: Iron
Dimensions: H: 100 cm W: 65-75 cm
Seperators: 42 mm
Pipe Diameters: 48 mm
Coating: Hot Dipped Galvanized
Locking Mechanism: Double sided

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Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized

Dimensions: Height: 100 cm Width: 65-75 cm

Pipe Diameters: Body: 60mm

Intermediate divisions: 48mm

Thickness: 3mm

Individually locking: Yes

Locking Mechanism: Bi-directional

The animals' feeding is provided proportionally by headlock system; and thus, the innutrition problem of the animals or insufficient feeding one from another will not be occured.

A locking is realized by means of a handle during feeding time. All the animals are provided to eat the same amount of feed. One of the utmost problems in animal breeding emerges in the general care and treatment of the animals.

As the movement of the animal in locked position is limited by force of Uzsan locking system, this problem is eliminated. Uzsan locking system can be reproduced in as much as animal number and extendable.

Furthermore, Uzsan locking system is entirely demountable in comparison with the other products and locking mechanism able to move in both left and righ directions which allows to release the animals conveniently.

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